The History of World of Warcraft

Many players don’t realize there is a long, rich history to Warcraft dating 10,000 years before the time of Warcaft I, the RTS (real-time strategy) from the early 90s. Blizzard has gone to great detail to document all of the events that have transpired over the three installments of Warcraft that lead up to the opening day of World of Warcraft. The history takes place through six episodes (how Star Wars) with the last chapter yet to be defined.

This makes a great read while you’re waiting to enter Warsong Gulch, but if you just want to catch up on the last 100 years or so, start with Chapter 4 where Warcraft I begins.

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  1. Alex Wood

    Hi creaters of Warcraft i’m probubly going to get Warcraft for Chistmas but why do i have buy other stuff to play this SO CALLED FREEE trile i mean i was all happy and joiyful but ohhh of cours i have to buy other stuff and in the end i guess all they ever want is money they can never make any conpleatly free but i’m looking forward to Chistmas.

    Yourdissapointed friend,

    Alex Wood

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